$195.56. This fan barely fits a OEM 3 row radiator, don't try to go any bigger or you'll need a smaller fan, blows strong, keeps the temperature at 185. Electric Fans. [CDATA[ A very popular primary cooling fan, this High Output Single RAD fan is a self-shrouded, symmetrical design with four molded mounting points. if(year < 2000) { year = year + 1900; } You could use it on a motorcycle, provided that it fits in the space you have available on the bike. Pusher Fans, Puller Fans, or Reversible Electric FansDave blows away any questions about automotive electric fans. The replacement fan will be the Derale 12 Inch High-Output, Electric Radiator Fan, part # D16925. $59.67. The Derale High-Output, Dual Radiator Fan-and-Shroud Assembly, part # D16812 is the only electric fan I have in the 25 inch diameter. 5:10. Fan can also be used as puller by combining with a custom built shroud. Copyright © I order 2 Derale Fans from 2 different website. See all 8. Fan can also be used as puller by combining with a custom built shroud. The motor is reversible. Dual Powerpacks; Single Powerpacks Fan can also be used as puller by combining with a custom built shroud. Keep your cool and your performance with a Derale High Output Single RAD Fan. High Output Radiator Pusher Fan (16917) by Derale Performance®. Radiator Pusher/Puller Fan; w/Standard Mount Kit; 2000 CFM; 24.8 Amp Draw; 13-1/8 in. For starters, reversible singe fans we offer are the slim-profile Flex-A-Lite Trimline Electric Fan and the Hayden Rapid-Cool Reversible Fan Kit. $151.99. Ratings and Reviews. The dimensions of the fan are 8-1/8 inches wide x … Derale high-output single RAD fans feature: a versatile, state-of-the-art symmetrical design; high-output, 265-watt, 2-speed motors; and ultra-quiet, patented skewed blades for maximum airflow. Derale Performance. Motivated by a 2-speed 265 watt Bosch motor driving 11 patented skewed blades, it can be used as a pusher or puller fan without changing direction of the unit. Derale Cooling Products 16924 - Derale High-Output Single RAD Fans Compare Fan, High Output Single RAD, Electric, Pusher, 2,000 cfm, 24.80 amps, 7 Blades, 12 in. Derale high-output dual RAD fan and shroud kits are designed to provide maximum cooling performance at high static-pressure loads. Height; 2-5/8 in. The Derale Performance High Output Curved Blade Electric Puller Fan. //