Even working at home can get tedious and dull. If you're working with a neutral scheme – we love this use of white wood paneling on both the walls and floors – you might consider incorporating an accent feature to add depth and create more interest within the space. No-nonsense materials, functional designs and an open-concept floor plan create a relaxed yet focused environment ideal for every type of work or study project – from solitary research to collaborative presentations. We've all been there. To avoid staring at a blank wall for the majority of your day, pop up some wallpaper behind your desk. Opt for a statement piece of furniture in red, burnt orange or another shade that's attention-grabbing, then incorporate the tone more subtly throughout the rest of your scheme – styling shelves with books in your chose shade is a great example. Unlike the traditional office which had a boring set up with a desk and a chair, modern offices come with enhanced aesthetics that can make your work time more enjoyable. We all know that the key to WFH is having a designating place to work, a desk rather than say the kitchen table, or the sofa, or your bed. This streamlined solution makes the most of a space that might otherwise be wasted. Anker's PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning cable alongside a Nekteck Thunderbolt 3 cable. Sand the edges, and paint it your favorite color for an inexpensive desk with plenty of storage capacity. Home office accessories, such as a small pin board and a couple of stunning desk lamps establish this as a work space, while complementing the interiors style seen throughout the rest of the space. This charger is not USB-IF certified, but it’s received high feedback around the Web and it comes with an 18-month warranty. We know it’s easy to get carried away with creating the perfect space, but don’t lose sight of the fact that an office is primarily a place to work in. The very first step in creating your home office setup is to choose a room to transform into your office or designate an area of your home as your office space. One of the best home office makeover tips … Here are a few more telecommuting ideas for the best home office setups: Staying productive: It’s hard to stay on-point when your couch is in the other room. A strict schedule or a Pomodoro... Moving and grooving: Sedentary workers risk … We love this home office idea! All rights reserved. Pick a Space, Thrift and Repurpose to Furnish. To help you generate a few ideas, we've put together a helpful infographic. Thanks to their smaller size, they suit most any desktop area and can also rotate so the screen can be used horizontally on their included stands. They can do for gaming too, though 60Hz is the refresh rate cap in all resolutions, which might not cut it for hardcore players. Applications. So, what to do if you're limited on space, and particularly desk space? It’s not just us that’s working from home more, it’s our teens and uni aged kids too, so make them a fun space to encourage them out of their beds to do a bit of online studying! Designer Jenny Kirschner agrees that storage is integral to any home office and even uses it as a jumping off point for her designs. While the former function is Windows exclusive, the monitor seemed to remember window arrangements just fine on my Mac without Dell’s Display Manager software. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t need a big and ornate desk to have a functional workspace in your home. Remove the tape once the paint is dry and then fill in the numbers with a chalk pen. Easy to install – and a super simple way to add interest to your space – this option are just what you need if you feel a little overlooked in your workspace.